Subfighter MMA is a mixed martial arts academy that strives to develop the individual in all areas of martial arts: mindset, techniques, and application. Since 2007, fueled by the grief of losing our mentor and coach Jeremy William Robert Williams and with him, the Apex Academy, our passion and dedication pushed many of us to open Subfighter MMA to continue Jeremy's teaching style.

We've come a long way from those days: our dedicated team of instructors have developed a fundamental and efficient way of training for martial arts practitioners, aspiring athletes, or simply the health concious fitness enthusiast. Jeremy's positivity still echo's throughout our gym today, and through our sense of friendship and good sportsmanship. Come and experience positive feedback in a fertile environment for real "growth through experience". Join us!

Through consistency to our teammates and respecting our lineage and evolution, WE EXIST FOR YOU... your progression is only limited by your involvement.


After doing my free week trial I decided to join. Everything my friend told me was actually true. People really like learning here and they are all motivating. The instruction is great!

-Mikey V

The wrestling class is good because there is a good mix of adults and kids. Being an ex wrestler its something I have always enjoyed. Coach Bobby and Coach Mills run these classes and do a great job.

-Abel R

Another cool thing is that there are a few girls here too so I actually get to partner up with girls! It's hard to find that at most martial arts schools. They offer a wide variety of classes throughout the week and it's priced fair! I highly recommend this place!

-Rachelle L

Our Info

23272 Vista Grande Dr. Suite A
Laguna Hills, CA 92653

Gym Phone: 949-510-2093
Studio Phone: 972-849-4206